Sunday, April 17, 2011

Are You Sure Jesus Would Do That?

I often ask myself what Jesus would think of how we have interpreted his teachings. Would he recognize his teachings, or would he decide that we have lost the essence of his message? It has been fashionable to ask, "What would Jesus Do?" Four simple words in a question that begs for soulful, yet critical reflection of how we treat other people - you know, the neighbors we are to love as we love ourselves. (Matthew 22:39)

Can we truly call ourselves Christians, followers of Christ, if we allow others to go hungry? Whether in far away places or our own neighborhood? Or if we allow people to be marginalized because of the color of their skin? The language they speak? Their sexual orientation? Their gender, age, or lifestyle? If we allow injustices to be perpetrated by our government in the name of "fiscal responsibility?"

Think about it, Jesus set the example of loving one another, not to condemn others. I am not seeing a lot of love emanating from some of our Christian leaders today. Some even spout venomous hatred to those they deem as "different." These "Christian" leaders are not a true representation of the teachings of Jesus. Tragically, they are more an extreme perversion of the true meaning of the word Christian.

So when you ask, "What would Jesus do" make sure you reflect on the impact your actions will have on others. If your actions are truly what Jesus would have done, or an abomination of Jesus's message.